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Up there Cazaly!

Jacqueline Outred

In typical Aussie larrikin style, our beloved national sport, Australian Rules football, is pretty infamous worldwide for its rough and tumble playing style.

High-impact collisions are not only a regular part of the game, but an expectation, and players wear minimal protective equipment. Needless to say, injury rates are pretty high.

Injuries are most likely to occur early in the season when players are still building up fitness, stamina and agility. Children and adults, both returning players and first-timers, should be aware of some of the injuries their bodies will be most vulnerable to:

Soft tissue injuries: These are the most frequent injuries and include injuries to the hamstrings, quadriceps and calf muscles.

Joint injuries: With the potential to be tackled or bumped from any angle, knees, ankles and shoulders are at risk of getting twisted or being wrenched in a way that causes damage. 

Ankle sprain: A common football injury, an ankle sprain occurs when the ankle turns over, causing the bottom of the foot to turn inward and resulting in damage to the ligaments.

To minimise your risk of incurring these injuries, you can pay special attention to your body throughout the season by doing the following:

  • Building up your stamina.
  • Warm up before games and training session and cool down afterwards.
  • Participating in at least one hour per week of weight training during the season, to build up strength and decrease the risk of lower body injury.

Are you a footballer? Is your child playing football this season? If you've signed up to play this year, we can provide personalised treatment for common football injuries to your feet or ankles.


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