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Blowing the whistle on netball injuries

Jacqueline Outred

Fancy footwork makes for a good netball tactic. But while it might help your team on the scoreboard, you won’t get very far in the long term if you don't take care of your feet and ankles to ensure they don't sustain permanent damage from playing.

The fast-paced, stop-start nature of netball means players bodies work very hard. They are required to execute crisp, agile movements which can put extra strain on the lower body, especially the feet and ankles.

If you are a netball player, a few of the more common netball injuries to watch out for include:

Jumpers knee: With all the high impact activity involving the lower body, knee injuries are the most common injury sustained by netballers.

Ankle sprain: Sprain injuries happen quite regularly on netball courts because so much of the game is driven by landing rules. Ankle sprains happen when the ankle turns over, causing the bottom of the foot to turn inward resulting in damage to the ligaments.

Hand and finger injuries: Far more common in children than adult players, injuries to the hands are most often caused by inaccurate passing, or incorrect passing technique.

But, before you start to worry, there are a few things you can do to minimise your risk of injury:

Pre-participation screening.

If you're returning to netball, take the time to check over past injuries to prevent exacerbating existing issues.

If the shoe fits.

As we always say, there is more to consider when choosing netball footwear than just getting the right size. It's best to ask your podiatrist for their advice on selecting appropriate footwear.

Be prepared.

Ensure you always have quick access to a fully stocked first aid kit, whether you're playing a game, or going for a training session.  

Are you picking up netball again after some time away? Are you playing this season for the first time? We can provide personalised advice and preventative treatment plans.

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