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Going the distance: preparing to run in a race.


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Going the distance: preparing to run in a race.

Jacqueline Outred


Race season is back on, and one of the most popular events of the year here in Perth is coming up very soon! The HBF Run for a Reason is next month which means many of you will be preparing to walk or run up to 21 kilometres in race conditions.

Given that your feet can strike the ground almost 5,000 times during a 4 kilometre run (and that they strike with a force of about 3 - 4 times your bodyweight) it's fair to say that your poor feet can take a hammering in events like these. So it is really important to take care of them properly leading up to the race as well as afterwards.

If you haven't already, booking an appointment to see your podiatrist is an essential part of pre-race preparation.

Having an appointment with your podiatrist 6-8 weeks out from your race will ensure you can incorporate their recommendations into your training routine so that your body has had adequate time to adjust to the changes. It will also make you more aware of potential injuries during training so that you remain in top form for race day.

Your podiatrist will be able to perform a functional gait analysis, watching how you walk or run to pick up on any issues with the way your feet strike the ground. They'll be able to tell you if you're putting more weight on a certain leg, or if your foot or ankle twists in a different direction, or if your joints are out of alignment - the sorts of things that will cause pain or injury, but are impossible to see for yourself.

Your biomechanics are unique to you.

Your body is different to everyone else's and therefore there will be no 'straight out of a magazine' ideal running style that is perfect for you. But your podiatrist has the expertise to assess your unique biomechanics and suggest adjustments that are perfectly suited to you.

When you're preparing to visit the podiatrist in the lead-up to your event, make sure you bring in your running shoes (both racing and training shoes if you have multiple pairs) and your orthotics if you use them. This will help your podiatrist see areas of wear and get an accurate picture of any underlying problems that may be affecting your performance, or be putting you at risk of an injury.

Are you running in the HBF Run for a Reason on May 28? Come in and see us for an assessment and check-up so you can be in top form on race day. Call us on 9250 1676 or book an appointment online.