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The Hidden Dangers of Nail Salons


Podiatry gossip really isn’t that exciting, but we’d love to share our news with you.

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The Hidden Dangers of Nail Salons

Julie Taranto

Getting a pedicure while popping into the local shops is so commonplace now, it is no longer considered a luxury. But, with the nail industry in WA having known issues with compliance monitoring, there are some important things to be aware of when you treat your feet. 

1.    Refuse the razor
Nail technicians should not be taking a razor or scalpel to your feet. They do not usually have sufficient qualifications to use razors or blades, and often haven’t been trained in first aid in the event that the blade slips and cuts your skin. Safe infection control is simply not guaranteed.

2.    Buff, Shape, Polish, STOP
Having your toe nails filed, shaped and polished forms the basis of a pedicure. However nail salons are not the place to treat common foot disorders. The removal and treatment of corns, calluses, bunions and dry, dead skin on the heels should always be performed under the care of a podiatrist.

3.    Skip the Spa
Pedicures performed in foot spas increase your risk of infection from bacteria. Outbreaks of skin infections on the legs and feet from consumers following spa pedicures have caused concern about micro-organisms entering spa water. We recommend skipping the soak altogether. 

There are many nail salons with safe working procedures. The WA Department of Health has more information about what you can expect from the beauty industry in terms of standards for cleaning and sterilising equipment, infections and skin penetration. However, due to a lack of regulations around nail salons, it is difficult for consumers to know where they stand. The safest course of action until this improves is to limit visits to nail salons to basic grooming.

Junction Foot and Ankle Group can assist with regular foot maintenance every 8 - 10 weeks. In most cases, this can be partly or fully claimed back with your private health insurance provider. Book in an appointment to see us on 9250 1676, or follow the link to book online.