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It doesn’t hurt that much!


Podiatry gossip really isn’t that exciting, but we’d love to share our news with you.

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It doesn’t hurt that much!

Jane Lawler

One of our recent newsletters looked at shockwave therapy and how it can be used to provide good results for patients with a variety of foot and ankle conditions. These conditions include heel pain, sometimes called heel spur syndrome or plantar fasciitis; tendinopathies, such as Achilles tendinopathy; shin splints; and compartment syndromes. But what we probably didn’t make clear is that there is no “downtime” after treatment.

Even though the treatment itself doesn’t tickle, the actual pain experienced during treatment is quite manageable, and most of our patients say it’s not that bad. The good news is that once the treatment is completed, patients are able to walk out the door without any residual pain or change in their activity levels. And because we have total control over the amount of pressure being applied during the treatment, we are able to scale back the amount of pressure and force being delivered at the time. Patients are able to give us feedback all the way through the treatment, so if it’s too painful, we can ease off. Usually during the treatment, our body’s physiological response is to become used to the discomfort, so as it goes on it does seem to become more manageable. A bit like the pain from waxing your legs or ripping off a bandaid!

If you’ve been wanting to try shockwave treatment for your foot or ankle and have been reluctant because of fear, think again. Come and see us to find out more, or give our friendly receptionists a call.