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What do kid’s orthotics have to do with Uncle Frank’s wine?


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What do kid’s orthotics have to do with Uncle Frank’s wine?

Jane Lawler

“My Italian uncle used to say, “no one pours new wine into old wineskins!”. Obviously, people don’t use animal bladders as vessels anymore, but as a hobbyist red wine-maker, the saying struck a chord with Uncle Frank. I came across the quote again in RE at Catholic school, as it’s from a biblical parable” says Michael Taranto.

This notion of spoiling the new when mixing with the old comes to mind for Michael when he sees patients putting new orthotics into old shoes – or conversely old orthotics in new shoes! “We see this a lot at the beginning of a school year,” explains Michael. “Kids grow like weeds in the school holidays – our 3 girls have! - so parents need to buy new school shoes. But they forget that the orthotics they used last year were specially fitted and are not always easily transferred into new shoes. The same thing happens in reverse when they upgrade their kids’ orthotics, but don’t replace footwear. I think of old Uncle Frank’s adage… and then I miss his Sangiovese!” Michael adds.

Orthotics can be useful in cases where your child displays a flat foot or excess pronation. A medical-grade orthotic provides biomechanical support and restores your child’s natural walking pattern.  A poor fitting orthotic may slide within, or stretch the shoe and it will not provide the support required. Sometimes only a half-length orthotic is needed, and your podiatrist will discuss this with you after making a careful assessment. When your child is being fitted by a podiatrist, bring their footwear in to your appointment – whether school or sports shoes.

To start the new school year with your best foot forward, remember that last year’s shoes and orthotics might be too small to be of much use – and combining the new and old is ill advised by us - and Uncle Frank!