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No more double faults!


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No more double faults!

Jane Lawler

Uncle Joe has not long been retired from being a busy plumber all his life. He has finally made it to retirement age and he and his lovely wife Maria have discovered the joys of playing social tennis at their local club.

At the end of each social game, they stay for a chat and a cuppa, enjoying the conversation and banter, a competition it seems as to who has the most ailments and who is taking what medication.

Uncle Joe used to sit back quietly listening and thinking to himself how lucky he was to miss out on all those aches and pains…until one day it struck him like a bolt out of the blue.

Heel pain! It wasn’t just your normal run of the mill heel pain like a dull ache. It was a searing pain that was like a sharp knife piercing his heel every step he took, especially first thing in the morning when he got out of bed and stumbled to the nearest wall (or Maria) to hold on to.

For months, Uncle Joe tried every treatment known to man and even Dr. Google! He tried calf stretching and massage without success, he tried taking Panadol and Nurofen without success, he dipped in to his Super and purchased a new pair of the latest and greatest tennis shoes exactly like the ones worn by Rafael Nadal, without success.

The pain got so bad that Uncle Joe would sit on the sidelines watching Maria serve aces and get all the accolades during the after-game banter. Feeling sorry for himself, Uncle Joe raised the white flag and finally listened to the learned Maria and went to see his local Podiatrist at Junction Foot and Ankle Group who advised he had plantar fasciopathy. Uncle Joe asked why he was struck down by this dreaded disease in the peak of his retirement. The Podiatrist advised it was a combination of his foot type and function, lack of strength in certain muscle groups, an increase in unaccustomed activity and blowing out that extra candle each year.

The Podiatrist checked Uncle Joe’s orthotics that he had been wearing for many years and made a few minor adjustments and gave some specific exercises which started to help. The Podiatrist then advised Uncle Joe on a treatment known as Extra Corporal Shock Wave Therapy which causes a controlled micro trauma to the part of his foot called the plantar fascia and stimulates the body into healing the tissue in a non-invasive way.

Junction Foot and Ankle Group has the Swiss Dolorclast Extra Corporal Shock Wave Therapy Machine which is the benchmark of all shockwave machines and what all the research is based on.

After three treatments, spread a week apart, and doing his exercises diligently, over the following weeks Uncle Joe not only returned to the tennis court but kicked Maria’s backside all over the court.

Now she is not speaking to him……