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Is it time for thongs yet?


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Is it time for thongs yet?

Jane Lawler

It’s amazing how a little toe can cause so much pain!

One of the most common problems seen in Podiatry practice is that of the humble corn. No, we’re not talking about those scrumptious yellow kernels smothered in melted butter. A corn is a concentrated area of thickened skin which is usually hard, (although it can also be very soft, (especially in between toes that sweat a lot), and very painful. Often the little toe tucks itself underneath the toe next to it and this curled position of the toe goes some way to explaining the cause of the corn development. Whilst corns can occur on many different parts of the foot, common sites are the tops of toes where footwear might rub on them, the tips of toes, or in between the toes. Wherever it is, there is an underlying reason for development of the corn which is normally a bony malposition in the toe or adjacent toe.

Podiatrists are experts at painlessly treating the corn and taking away the skin which is creating pressure and pain. Often the extra layers of skin mean there is pressure on fragile underlying nerves that have been traumatised by bony malalignment over a long period of time, and having the corns attended to can provide instant relief. The Podiatrist may also make up a special device for you to use on your toe to try to prevent the corn from coming back.

Unfortunately, corns are usually recurrent, and whilst addressing footwear can assist the problem, usually the underlying cause needs to be removed for any permanent relief. That’s where Podiatric Surgeons come in.

Our Podiatric Surgeons Dr. Julie Taranto and Mr. Michael Taranto can get to the bottom of why your corns keep coming back, and more importantly, advise you on the best long-term strategy. This may involve surgery, which can vary from very simple procedures to more complex ones, depending on the type of problem involved. Surgery is often painless, and recovery is often less onerous than what people think.
If you have been dying to get out of enclosed shoes because of painful corns, we can assess if surgical treatment might be an option for you.
Book in for a consultation and be sure to bring in any previous imaging (x-rays, scans) if you have any.

Oh, and by the way, if you want a pair of the most comfortable thongs in the world, we sell them too!