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Let’s get ready for Foot Health Week!


Podiatry gossip really isn’t that exciting, but we’d love to share our news with you.

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Let’s get ready for Foot Health Week!

Jane Lawler

This year Foot Health Week runs from 14th – 20th October.

Foot Health Week is an annual campaign in Australia which aims to promote foot health and better health outcomes. This year the focus is on the importance of feet in all areas of life! The Australian Podiatry Association reminds us why…

Did you know… Your feet house a quarter of the bones in your entire body? This is why it is so important to ensure your shoes fit properly! Most people have one foot that is larger than the other. Make sure you have both feet measured – and fit your shoes to the larger foot.

Did you know… Every day, 280 Australians develop diabetes?
Having diabetes may increase your risk of developing diabetes related-complications that include nerve damage called ‘peripheral neuropathy’ or poor circulation in your feet called ‘peripheral vascular disease’.

Did you know? Foot pain affects one in four older people, with forefoot pain affecting two-thirds.

As you age, you can lose cushioning and soft tissue fat in the pads of your heels and balls of your feet, near your toes. Like the skin on your face, there is also a loss of elasticity in the skin on your feet, making it thin and vulnerable. Bone deformities – such as bunions or arthritis – and difficulties undertaking basic foot care, can lead to foot health issues and sometimes an increased risk of falls – which for many can have drastic consequences.

Nails also become more brittle, thicker and harder, making them difficult to trim and prone to ingrown toenails, fungal breakouts and other infections.

Did you know? Calluses and corns may be early warning signs of more complex foot disorders.

Do you need to see a podiatrist? Here is a handy checklist.
Do you...

Have painful feet?
Experience leg pain?
Have painful knees?
Experience sore hips?
Find walking or standing uncomfortable?
Experience leg or foot pain during sport?
Need advice on correct footwear?

Ticked one or more boxes? Then you need to see a podiatrist