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Don’t let this be your Achilles heel


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Don’t let this be your Achilles heel

Jane Lawler

Roderick (or Rod, as he is affectionally known to his friends) and his dear wife Rita have worked very hard all their lives. They’re excited about heading towards their golden retirement years. Their brood of children are finally off their hands and before the grandies come thick and fast they have decided to plan the trip of a lifetime.

Leading up to the election this year, their franking credits weren’t looking too safe and Rod had resigned himself instead to a Senior’s train ride to Mandurah and lunch at Ciccarello’s. Against all odds, the franking credits are now safe (until the next election at least) and the trip is back on! Rod had been increasing his walking to improve his fitness to keep up with Rita, when “Ouch!”, his Achilles tendon became sore and swollen – “why me?” he thought.

Rod had been struck down with Achilles tendinopathy, a degenerative condition that affects the Achilles tendon at its weak point. Rod was determined that this not be the end of him. He worked hard with the strengthening exercises his physio had given him….and yes they are an important part of the management…but Rod needed something else….the day to depart on his dream holiday was rapidly approaching.

Rod heard about Shockwave therapy at Junction Foot and Ankle Group from one of his tennis mates who had something called plantar fasciitis. Shockwave had helped his mate, so why not him?

Shockwave therapy accelerates the healing process of degenerative tissue that has stalled in its healing process. It does this by activating the body’s self-healing capabilities. Along with other physiological and biochemical benefits of treatment, Shockwave therapy stimulates new blood flow to the tendon and surrounding tissue, helping to reduce tendon swelling and increase cell activity to undertake the repair process.

So, Rod began the Shockwave treatment, along with a tailored exercise regimen and modification to his orthotics. At Rod’s review six weeks later, his pain was 80-90% better and he was walking much more comfortably… just in time for his big trip