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Is nail polish ruining your nails?

Jacqueline Outred

The temperatures have warmed up, and invites have started rolling in from friends and family as we all emerge from winter slumber (some of us hibernate longer than others, clearly!). We've pulled out our open-toed shoes and retired our winter boots.

If you're foot conscious, or simply love having pretty toenails, pedicures have probably jumped up towards the top of the priority list for the season.

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From Talons to Toenails

Jacqueline Outred

Why is it that you only really notice your toenails when you catch one of them on the corner of your furniture? In between swearing, gasping for breath, trying not to cry (or a combination of all three), all of your attention is on the, otherwise forgotten, pieces of nail at the end of your toes.


At that point, having anything to catch on the corners of your furniture seems like a cruel trick of nature. What else do we even use toenails for anyway? And why do we still have them?

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