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Osgood Schlatter’s Disease (Knee Pain)

Does your child complain of a painful knee particularly during sport?

Or do they complain of a painful, usually swollen area just below the knee cap? Then they are probably suffering from a common growth related condition called Osgood Schlatter’s Disease.

This condition is not a disease as such, but rather a tight tendon attachment to a soft growth plate located below the knee.

During periods of rapid bone growth, particularly in the long bones of the leg, this tendon pulls at the immature growth plate to which it is attached and causes inflammation and pain.

Treatment for this problem includes: the appropriate stretching exercises, perhaps a visit to the physiotherapist, and a visit to the podiatrist who may prescribe orthotics if foot posture and mechanics are contributing factors. If foot motion is incorrect, this can result in the muscles of the leg working harder to control the poorly functiong feet and hence put more strain on the knee.

For more detailed information, see our Acrobat pdf Information sheets on Osgood Schlatter’s Disease and Children's Feet which are available on our website.

Please remember that the information in these documents should not be used as a substitute for podiatric or medical attention.