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We want to help manage your foot condition so that you can move forward in life.

As podiatrists, we carefully examine your foot and ankle function, taking into account the way it may be affecting your lower limbs, so that we can monitor, diagnose, treat and rehabilitate common conditions.

We also have an especially important role in maintaining the mobility of many elderly and disabled people and people with special health care needs through the ongoing monitoring of foot health, in particular those with circulation problems and diabetes.

Should you require a surgical consultation, we can offer that too - we have podiatric surgeons visiting the practice regularly to look after all of our patients who need their attention.



Diseases such as arthritis affect the joints in the foot. We monitor feet for any degenerative changes. The effects of these diseases can result in nail and skin lesions, deformity of the feet and the increased incidence of ulceration.

Because there can be many possible causes and complications, we use a comprehensive method of examination, monitoring circulation and neurological activity as well to be sure of an effective diagnosis for any coexisting foot and ankle conditions.




We also conduct basic foot care at our clinic. We have specific instruments and effective treatments to deal with various acute and chronic skin and nail conditions, including ingrown toenails, as well as corns, callouses and warts. In some instances minor surgery may be required and we can do this too.



Children’s feet are different to those of an adult. The child’s foot is not just a small-scale of an adult foot - its shape is not finally determined until growth ceases at the end of the second decade of life. Children may present with intoeing or outoeing gait, or growing pains of the legs, knees and feet.

We can undertake careful examination of your child’s feet and lower limbs, to diagnose and treat common, chronic and acute problems of the feet that may be preventing them from performing to their full potential.



Some occupations, (eg. hairdressers, factory workers and nurses) are more predisposed than others to develop long-term foot problems which can arise as the result of standing on hard surfaces for long periods of time.

Our podiatrists are happy to advise on occupational foot health and safety, and footwear advice, sometimes prescribing orthoses or giving surgical advice.



Any sport which involves walking, running, standing or jumping places greater physical demands on our body than normal day-to-day activities. Did you know that injuries to the foot and lower limbs whilst playing sport make up a large proportion of sporting injuries?

Some of the common sporting injuries we treat include plantar fasciitis, heel pain, Achilles tendonitis, stress fractures, ankle sprains and shin or knee pain. These may be the result of poor mechanics, flat feet or even high arched feet.

We have a working knowledge of the biomechanics of athletic movement, so we can accurately diagnose foot conditions and recommend appropriate footwear, adjusted training regimens, and, if needed, orthotic devices to fit into your sports shoe.  Part of your assessment may include computerised video walking and running analysis.



We also undertake diabetic foot care and assessment, as well as educating patients on correct foot care techniques for diabetes. And we’re involved with the Chronic Disease Management Plan (CDMP) / Team Care Arrangement. Talk to your GP for more details.


Our podiatry services attract rebates from private health funds. For selected health funds, we are able to offer instant health fund rebates using the Health Industry Claims and Payment Service (HICAPS).

To find out if you’re eligible for rebates, please contact your health insurance fund.



We only require a referral from your GP for Chronic Disease Management Plan (CDMP) / Team Care Arrangement, Department of Veterans’ Affairs, workers compensation and motor vehicle accident claims.

If none of those apply to you, you can book an appointment with us straight away.

NDIS podiatrist

Junction Foot and Ankle Group is a registered provider with the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).