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Related Information Sheets

Does your skin itch, and sometimes appear red especially between your toes?

Do small clear fluid filled lumps appear on the skin of your foot?

You could be experiencing the effects of a fungal infection.

There are numerous forms of fungus which can affect the skin of the foot and nails. Being highly transmissible between humans, fungal infections affecting the skin can be easily and rapidly treated with the appropriate topical agent that our Podiatrists can recommend. We can also provide you with the appropriate advice to hopefully prevent it from recurring in the future. Nail fungal infections require a slightly different form of management as there are topical agents we can advise you to use, or an oral medication that your GP or specialist can prescribe which may require special testing beforehand.

Either way, relief is ready at hand!

For more detailed information, see our Acrobat pdf Information sheet on Fungal infections which is available on our website.

Please remember that the information in these documents should not be used as a substitute for podiatric or medical attention.